LMSC Meeting October 4, 2014

Meeting minutes for LMSC Annual Meeting, Sewanee, TN                                                                       October 4, 2014



The meeting was called to order at 2:40pm by Helen Naylor.  She began with some of the highlights in the LMSC this year. 

Open Water National Championships in May

Dixie Zone Open Water Championships in June (Rat Race)

Will be DZ OW Championships again next year

Put in bid for SCY DZ championships for 2015 (Clearwater go it) but will try again in 2016


If any other teams would like to host a DZ championship (SCY, SCM, LCM, OW) in 2016, please let us know!


Every year we have to fill out an “LMSC Standards survey.”  This document is a set of guidelines with which the LMSC Committee would like all LMSCs to comply.  With this annual meeting, and a review of the books at the end of the year, we should be at 100% compliance for 2014! J  Thank you to all who have helped to improve our LMSC!


This year, the national office moved up the start date for the partial year registration to September, a month earlier than previous years. This received a positive response across LMSCs, and we doubled the number of people that signed up this year in September.


Paper USMS registration cards requests.  Please consider the environment.  When you register, you can save as pdf, have on your phone/tablet, or look up number online for all meet registrations.  Given the technology available, a paper copy is not really needed anymore.  However, if you would like, please consider printing yourself and not requesting a mailed card.  For all those with no computer/internet access, mailed paper registrations will still receive a mailed card.  Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Subventions:  At present, we are the only LMSC that gives subventions.  Subventions are a cash grant for those who meet the requirements in hosting a meet.  At present, we allow one subvention/season (SCY, SCM, LCM and OW).  Discussion ensued as to the requirements and possibly limiting subventions differently.  Feedback included limiting to one per club per year.  However, for those teams that want to have more than one meet, limiting to one subvention may hurt them, as subventions are often used to pay meet officials and hosts.  Other options suggested included making it need based, or have a tiered scale.  The latter suggestion, in which clubs would receive $500 for the first meet and $250 for a second meet was voted on and approved.  The Subvention document will be updated shortly to reflect this new policy for 2015.  Due to the financial implications of hosting open water meets, for 2015, these will be excluded from the tiered scale, and the LMSC will split the balance of the open water insurance cost 50/50 with the host club(s).  As the national office and committees work to improve the way the insurance costs are split up between pool and open water events, this might need to be revisited after next year.


Sanctioning/Recognizing a meet.  Sanctioning and Recognizing are two designations granted for meets.  Sanctioned meets require that all participants be members of USMS and are covered by the USMS insurance.  Recognized meets are not covered by the insurance, and participants are not required to be USMS members.  In order for times to be official and count towards Top 10 and National Records, the meet must at least be recognized and comply with the rules; in order to count towards a World Record, the meet must be Sanctioned.  For all considering hosting a meet, please send meet information to our Sanctions Chair, Conner Bailey, before submitting online.  He has an exceptional eye for reviewing materials and if anything needs to be updated or revised, this is easier to do before submitting the sanction online.  Makes for a very smooth process this way.  Conner’s email is: SESanctions@usms.org.


The term “Recognized” is given with the understanding that the teams will follow a set of rules.  In addition to other rules, teams need to submit pool measurements and results.  These two requirements occur after the swims.  Swims from “Recognized” meets count for USMS records, and other lists.  We currently grant recognition to two meets where the rules have consistently not been followed regarding turning in results and/or pool measurements (two requirements that occur after the meet).  At one of these meets, we had one person set two national age group records that were not accepted due to lack of pool measurements.


How do we handle meets that want to be advertised as “Recognized” but do not follow the rules?  We want to grant recognition for meets so the swimmers don’t get penalized when their times don’t count, but if a meet fails to follow through with the requirements for Recognition, we want to hold them responsible so that swimmers who think they are in a Recognized meet don’t get ugly surprises.  The question is do we continue to grant recognition to meets that do not comply? 


For USMS recognition to be granted, the following proposals were put forth:

Proposal 1: If a team wants to hold a Recognized meet, but fails to follow rules, the next time they want to hold a recognized or sanctioned meet, they will receive a letter explaining what went wrong.  The team will have one more chance to get it right.  Future requests to hold recognized or sanctioned meets will be denied.

Proposal 2: If a team fails to follow the rules required for a “Recognized” meet, it raises questions about what other rules they may not be following.  Next time, meet info must include a disclaimer about the “Recognition” and the potential for Top 10 times to count.  The meet info will also be required to include the e-mails for USMS contact and SE LMSC Chair (Helen) so that people can complain. 

Ideas from both proposals will be implemented going forward.  A letter will be sent explaining that recognition will not be granted if rules are not followed, and language suggested explaining that time may not be official so that swimmers know up front that their times may not be official.


Note that all USA meets are automatically USMS recognized, but the pool must still be measured in order to secure a National Record.  We had a USMS swimmer set a National Record time at a USA meet.  However, the pool was not measured, so it didn’t count for a National USMS record.  That time was able to count for a top 10 due to the relaxation of the rules that for top 10 times set at USA run meets, pool measurements on file with USA swimming will suffice.  However, for national records, the course needs to be measured.  Therefore, the Top 10 list has a time that is faster than the National Record.


For a USA Meet, the Meet Director is not necessarily thinking about Masters records and whether the pool should be measured.  Perhaps a Masters Rep at USA Meets, alongside the USA swim meet?  Maybe provide a checklist?  Questions proposed for USA Swimming collaboration.

Why don’t they have to comply with both meets?

Recognized is 100%, not just “Recognized”

Bulkhead measurements before and after. 

Follow-up can be problematic.  Problems may just be human error/not knowing rules. 

USMS recognition requires measurements.  USA Swimming does not require measurements.


For USA meets, having a masters “contact” was suggested, It was discussed and agreed that if a national record was set, it was the responsibility of the swimmer to notify meet officials so that measurements could be taken and paperwork completed.  A USMS contact would help USA meet directors know what needs to happen in order to document and record  the record.


Swimming Saves Lives: Grant for USMS adult learn to swim program. LMSC can be a resource for that.  The grant can cover the costs of these programs.  If interested, please contact the LMSC for more information.


Sanctioning for Open Water swims.  Insurance costs will remain the same for 2015.  LMSC currently billed $1000 for each swim (split 50/50 between hosting team and LMSC).  We will exclude the Open Water swims from the subvention limitation for 2015 as discussed.  Reminder:  the 2015 Dixie Zone Open Water race will again be held in Chattanooga by the River Rats.  It is a fundraiser for their inner city lifeguard program.  June 13, 2015 is the date.


Election of officers:  The following positions were unanimously elected/re-elected:

Web Master: Barbara Calhoun

Officials Chair: Doug Alban

Coaches Chair: Cheryl Richardson

Vice Chair & Sanctions: Connor Bailey

Top 10 Recorder:  Judd Jones

Chair: Helen Naylor

Registrar & Secretary: Chris Powers

Fitness Chair:  Kay Miller

Treasurer: Alison Ware

Open Water & Long Distance: Ashley Whitney


Questions / Concerns / Comments?


Meeting was adjourned.  Thank you to Doug Alban and Sewanee masters for hosting and to all who attended.