LMSC Meeting November 20, 2016

Called LMSC Meeting Sunday 11/20/2017

Executive board present: Helen Naylor, Conner Bailey, Allison Ware, Chris Powers

10 LMSC Members present


Meeting was called to order by Helen Naylor and the agenda was started.

First order of business was the Southeastern LMSC Bylaws update: 1st: Alison Ware, 2nd Scott Kubicki discussion followed with clarification of how the voting and process was to work.  Pointed out that all the information was in the Bylaws in two different sections.   Call for voice vote for acceptance with all in favor of acceptance and no dissents or abstaining.  Thank you needs to go out to Alison and Conner for effectively handling the huge undertaking.

Second:  The confirmation by the executive board that the next big undertaking was documenting of policy and pulling them all to one source.

Third:  Auburn hosting the first LMSC wide swim clinic by Brett Hawke.  The conversation towards having it at other places.  The executive board reiterated that this was only the start.  The board’s objective is to have a clinic every year and since Auburn is centrally located to the LMSC, it is going to be there first.  If there is good attendance, especially by non-competitive swimmers, we will look at having at least one every year.  It was pointed out that the best scenario would be to have 3 with one being in the 3 regions of the LMSC (costal, central, and northern)  but cost and attendance will dictate the extent of this outreach and it will move from region to region every year if only one is given to be fair to all LMSC regions.

Fourth:  The official’s clinic(s).  Frank Odell, Chair of the Officials Committee, presented several great ideas and would like to advertise via newsletter and email a request to have other officials join him on the committee so they can be better served, and serve the LMSC better.  His number one goal is to train more officials so they can help with masters meets in the LMSC.  This training is tailored to master swimming but administered through USA swimming with less strict requirements.

Fifth:   The development of a satisfaction survey to poll membership on their experiences to better tune our efforts towards our whole membership.  It was decided that was a good idea and one could eventually be created.

Sixth:  A suggestion of a Championship Series by Scott Kubicki to increase participation in open water and pool events hosted by our LMSC.  The idea was vetted and was changed to involve as much of the membership as possible.  It was suggested the Series be tailored to get fitness and triathletes involved because they constitute most of the membership with competitive swimmers being the smallest group.   Scott Kubicki was made chair of this event committee and was given approval to flesh out his ideas and recruit members to help.

The last order of business was the condition of our web site.  Adam Jackson thought that there could be better practices used with links and other areas of the web site.  Because he knew what to do he was asked to be a member of the Webmaster/Communications committee to help make these improvements, and others, which he graciously accepted.

The meeting was adjourned.