Wito Vanheyste is a swimmer and coach for Auburn Master Swimmers in Auburn, Alabama, and is a Level 2 USMS-certified coach. He has graciously shared some of his workouts with us.  They are divided into three groups based on overall yardage for each workout. Within each group, there are pairs of workouts (“A” and “B”), often with differing yardage and intervals to accommodate different skill levels. Certain drills and terms like “thunder thighs” (short powerful stationary kicking on the wall, typically followed immediately by a swim) may not be known by all swimmers. When in doubt, check out Championship Productions on YouTube for helpful, informational videos, or develop your own creative interpretation! 

Distances (in short course yards):
2200 - 2800 SCY
2900 - 3500 SCY
3600 - 4200 SCY