The Southeastern LMSC encourages Masters Swim teams in the LMSC to start and grow swimmeets.  

In accordance with that goal, we have created this guide to hosting a sanctioned meet (including information on one-event registrations).  We also have a Meet Incentive Program as described in the  attached document These documents will help meet directors understand the processes both for getting their meet sanctioned, and for benefiting from the incentive program.

Regarding records: As decided by the SE LMSC membership at the 2014 Annual Meeting, the swimmer shall be responsible for notifying the event director that a record has been set.  It is then the responsibility of the event director to file the necessary paperwork and turn it in to the proper person in a timely manner.

LMSCs have the option to offer one-event registrations at events sanctioned by their own LMSC.  A one-event registration provides USMS insurance coverage to a participant in one "event" (open water race or pool meet). An event that spans consecutive days, such as a two-day swim meet, counts as "one event." One-event participants pay a one-time fee. 

One-event registration is strictly for insurance coverage for the event.  One-event participants are not eligible for Event Rankings, Top 10, USMS records, or other honors (either individual or relay) achieved in that event. Per Article 301.3.1 of the USMS Rule Book, one-event registrations are not allowed for postal events.

The forms needed for One-event registration are the Group Registration and One Event Individual Registration Forms and are available on the Documents page.  

Updated information regarding events, and other meets, can be found on the Southeast Zone site, or the USMS site.