LMSC Meeting February 11, 2017

Annual Meeting Minutes, Auburn, AL

February 11, 2017


17 Attendees

Board/Committee Members Present:

   Helen Naylor, Conner Bailey, Chris Powers, Judd Jones, Frank Odell, Kay Miller


Agenda followed:


1. Minutes from last meeting approved as written by voice vote, none opposed.


2. Board and Committee reports given in person Sanctions, Registrar, Chair, Finance (by proxy), Fitness, Officials.  All reports will be posted on web site. Opened for discussion, none offered, closed discussion, voice voted to accept reports, all agreed none against.


3. Unfinished business: 

      A.  Elections: will be held as soon as election committee meets and starts the election process.  The election committee is made up of 3 representatives, one  for each of the regions of the LMSC.  The committee members appointed are Alexander Bruce (University of the South Masters, Sewanee, TN), David Berry (Madison Titans, Madison, AL) and Gabrielle Agnew (Eastern Shore Masters Swimming, Daphne, AL)


      B.  Open Water: if anyone in the LMSC is interested in hosting an event we now have excellent experience that can help you run a successful event.  Please contact the Chair, Helen Naylor, for more information.

      C.   Attendance at meetings:  The board is willing to appoint a special committee to come up with ideas to help improve attendance to the Annual and any other meetings.  Please contact the Chair, Helen Naylor if you are             interested in chairing this event.

       D. LMSC Logo: two logos were submitted to the board to represent the LMSC.  The board would like more submissions, with that, please submit a colored graphic if you feel artistic and want to help brand the LMSC.  All               entries will be presented to have one selected as part of the upcoming election.


4.  New business: Send out reminder about upcoming at Sewanee.  Also put in newsletter to remind clubs to contact the Secretary, Chris Powers to send out reminders about their meets.


Meeting adjourned by voice vote all agreed, none against. 

(Please see Documents for a copy of the Minutes that includes the Reports from each committee.)